Floating Rock's Pitchfest

Kia ora fellow storytellers,

With the demand for fresh and exciting content being higher than ever, we think it is time for us, Floating Rock, to step up to the challenge and meet those needs. We believe the most creative and cost efficient way is through pitching ideas to distributors.

It all starts with an idea... and everyone has an idea! Have you had an idea for an animated series or film?

Not everyone has the team or funds to tell the story they want to tell. We, Floating Rock, put passion and creativity at the forefront of our work. We are keen to find and empower you and your idea by helping you assemble a fantastic pitch deck to take to distributors!

The goal is to get your stories funded and produced here at Floating Rock in the form of a series or feature film. Floating Rock's Pitchfest events will be hosted here in Wellington, New Zealand, where creatives come together to collaborate as well as celebrate those who want to pitch with us.

Thus, Floating Rock's Pitchfest. Let's create, together!

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15 April 2023: Submission deadline 
01 May 2023: Round 1 candidates selected
03 June 2023: 2nd Pitchfest (TBC with venue)

Get creative and mark your (NZDT) calendars!

*We do not accept unsolicited material or submissions outside of Pitchfest. Any content sent to us on other ways than through the Pitchfest submission form will not be reviewed.*